Eriks Mezalis, EBRD’s GPA TC facility project expert visited Armenia, Yerevan, 24-25 March 2015 PRINT E-mail

Yerevan_city_viewDuring the visit, the Concept Note for amendments to Public Procurement Law was being elaborated by the Armenian Ministry of Finance. Based on recommendations by the OECD/SIGMA and the EBRD, the Concept Note should provide directions for adopting a public procurement law compatible with the requirements of the 2012 WTO Government Procurement Agreement, as well as Eurasian Economic Union Treaty (EEUT).

A meeting with Sergey Shahnazaryan, Head of PIFC and PP Methodology Department of the Ministry of Finance of Armenia, and Astghik Solomonyan, EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative expert, was held on 24 March. The parties discussed various aspects, particularly their position on the draft Public Procurement Law, such as procurement methods, legal solutions for small value procurements and single source procurement and review procedures. The parties also discussed legal solutions for the new Armenian PPL, as well as questions on the next steps before the next meeting of the WTO GPA Committee in the context of submission of the Instrument of Acceptance.

During the visit, Eriks Mezalis had a meeting with Tigran Nahapetyan, an Armenian lawyer participating in the project to discuss future collaboration. Tigran Nahapetyan acknowledged his willingness to take part in the project and to provide his assistance and advice, where necessary.

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