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Bishkek_general_photo [19/05/2015] EBRD consultant Mr Karen Brutyan undertook a mission to Bishkek to discuss drafts of the public procurement secondary legislation and initiation of the GPA negotiation process.

Mr Brutyan supported by local consultants Mr Pakhomov, Ms Nanaeva and Mr Mezalis as well as representatives from the Public Procurement Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic, conducted two-day discussions of the draft regulations and UNCITRAL and EBRD experts' comments on them.

The parties discussed drafts of “Standard tender documents for goods, works and services», «On review commission”, draft regulation “On the Operation of the Commission for the Review of Complaints against Actions of Contracting Authorities in the Course of Public Procurement” and Decree “On Unreliable Suppliers”. Most of the comments, provided by the experts, were agreed and accepted by the representatives of the Public Procurement Department. It was agreed that all inconsistencies will be brought in line with the newly adopted Public Procurement law; comments provided by the experts will be reflected in the secondary legislation.

Mr Brutyan, accompanied by the Head of the Public Procurement department Mr Danikeev and local consultant  Ms  Begaim Nanaeva, have conducted a meeting with the Minister of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic Mr Adylbek Kasymaliev. During the meeting Mr Brutyan outlined the objectives of the EBRD GPA Technical Cooperation Facility in the public procurement sector of the Kyrgyz Republic. It was also discussed that being a party to the WTO Kyrgyz Republic is in the process of the acceding the WTO GPA and EBRD will provide further support and advice throughout the WTO GPA negotiation process. Minister of Finance was interested in the privileges to the local market and suppliers and whether GPA Membership can be pursued by the countries - members of the Eurasian Economic Treaty. It was discussed that these documents supplement each other and should not be taken into account separately;  national procurement legislation can comply with both of them.

The Minister of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic expressed gratitude to the EBRD in the assistance of drafting and implementing the new law on public procurement of the Kyrgyz Republic and secondary legislation, and hoped for further fruitful cooperation.

Mr Brutyan took part in the press conference on “New public procurement methods and principles”. Press conference was dedicated to the achieved progress in the implementation of electronic procurement in Kyrgyz Republic and reforms and improvements in the public procurement sector of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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