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 Participants of the "Public Procurement: Global Revolution VII” conference  in Nottingham

[19/06/2015] Eliza Niewiadomska, EBRD and Anna Caroline Müller, WTO GPA Secretariat presented latest policy advice programme of the Legal Transition Programme at the Global Revolution conference, a major public procurement international academic event, hosted by University of Nottingham. The Global Revolution gathers annually world-leading researchers and academics working on public procurement policies from the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, Estonia, South Korea, China and the USA.

The conference included plenary sessions for all delegates and a series of parallel workshops and debates focusing on specific topics of interest to different delegates. Eliza and Anna contributed to  the workshops on ”Global Reform Initiatives” where models for developing reforms of public procurement regime were discussed. Eliza spoke about the EBRD’s cooperation with UNCITRAL and together with Anna showcased the EBRD GPA TC Facility – latest technical cooperation programme for countries interested in improving their procurement policies in order to comply with the WTO standards for public procurement.

While speaking at the conference, Anna Caroline Müller emphasised the excellent collaboration between the WTO Secretariat and the EBRD in supporting the increasing transition economy participation in the GPA. "The GPA could be understood as a binding international legal instrument offering a "backbone" to developing and transition economy reforms in the procurement sector, based on the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and competition." - said Anna.

The EBRD Legal Transition Programme assists with public procurement development in the countries where the EBRD operates since 2009 and presently works with 17 countries to improve their public procurement systems.

Speaking at the conference, Eliza noted: “We strongly believe in modern procurement policies based on international best practice, with competition and transparency at heart and that’s why we are working together with the WTO to promote and support GPA accession.” The EBRD helped Montenegro to complete GPA negotiations in 2014 and works with Ukraine and Moldova to become a member of the WTO's Agreement on Government Procurement, which is expected this year.

Eliza confirmed that the EBRD would like to see WTO GPA procurement standards implemented in the entire EBRD region and pledged that the EBRD GPA TC Facility was prepared to assist with that.

More information about the event can be found at the event’s page.

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