EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative team took a mission to Yerevan 29 -31 July of 2015 PRINT E-mail

meeting[7/08/2015] The main aim of the mission was to discuss the approach to drafting amendments to the Armenia’s Public Procurement Law (PPL).

Olivier Moreau and Eriks Mezalis met Sergey Shahnazaryan, Head of PIFC and PP Methodology Department of the Ministry of Finance of Armenia and discussed the draft PPL. Astghik Solomonyan,  and Artak Chobanyan, local EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative experts contributed to the discussion.

Sergey Shahnazaryan suggested that the amendments to Armenia’s PPL should focus on the reform directions reflected in the Concept Note for amending the PPL – mainly the public procurement review body and blacklisting of unreliable suppliers.

Sergey Shahnazaryan has also informed that he would expect the proposed version of amendments to be submitted in English and Armenian versions by 15 August 2015.

EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative experts were also asked to share the EU experience regarding the possibilities to request the municipalities to submit procurement statistical reports, especially to assess compatibility with the principle of their autonomy according to the European Charter of Local Self-Government under the Council of Europe.

During the three days, Olivier Moreau and Eriks Mezalis have also worked together with Astghik Solomonyan and Artak Chobanyan, on completing amendments to the Armenian PPL. EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative experts suggested the following changes to the PPL:
-          Definitions section of the PPL;
-          Procurement methods;
-          Procurement regime for public undertakings;
-          Exceptions and cases for single source procurement;
-          Conditions for eligibility (exclusion criteria);
-          Tender commission;
-          Decisions, minutes and reports related to tendering process;
-          Structure of the subject matter of the contract;
-          Functions of authorised body and their distribution after the liquidation of Procurement Support Center;
-          Tender and contractual securities;
-          eProcurement and electronic auctions;
-          Review body and review proceedings.

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