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160113_Are_you_ready_for_eProcurement[08/12/2015] The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) launched a Guide to Electronic Procurement Reform: Are you ready for eProcurement? The Guide was launched at the Electronic Procurement Forum in Vienna. The Forum was jointly held by the World Bank and the EBRD in Vienna on 1-3 December 2015.

The aim of this Guide is to provide an overview of key aspects of the eProcurement reform, including planning reform project and developing and implementing electronic procedures for public sector.

The advice presented in the guide arises from the principles of the multilateral development banks’  “Handbook on e-Government Procurement”, published in a hard copy by the Asian Development Bank in 2013, applied and tested in the EBRD technical cooperation projects  in Armenia, Bulgaria. Research completed in Cyprus, Georgia, Portugal, Turkey and Ukraine in an attempt to identify “success factors” of their respective eProcurement reform projects has been included in the Guide. Each reform had different scope and objectives but these success stories share their attitude to reform management.

The production of this Guide was led by Eliza Niewiadomska, Principal Counsel, Legal Transition Programme, EBRD and Richard Gargrave, Senior Procurement Specialist, Procurement Policy Department, Office of the General Counsel, EBRD.

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