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Caroline_Nicholas Caroline Nicholas

Caroline is a lawyer with the International Trade Law Division of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs (the Secretariat of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). She serves as the Secretary to the UNCITRAL Working Group on Procurement, which recently adopted the UNCITRAL 2011 Model Law on Public Procurement. A member of the Editorial Board of the Public Procurement Law Review and regular contributor to it and to other journals, and regular presenter at international procurement conferences, she is bringing the work of UNCITRAL in modernizing procurement to a wide audience.

She works with the main international players in procurement and procurement reform (such as the WTO, The World Bank and multilateral development banks such as the ADB, IDB, the OECD, IDLO, and regional trade organizations such as COMESA) to promote harmonization in procurement rules and to support international trade and development.

Prior to joining UNCITRAL, advised on claims of the Kuwaiti Government arising from Iraq's 1990 invasion and occupation of Kuwait at the United Nations Compensation Commission, and worked as an internal fraud investigator in the United Nations. She practised in the private sector in the City of London and in Hong Kong, specializing in banking and insolvency litigation.
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