170927_Tbilisi_workshop_Daniel_Ivarsson WTO/EBRD GPA Workshop on government procurement held in Tbilisi, Georgia
[27/09/2017]  WTO / EBRD Regional Workshop on government procurement for Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asian and Caucasus countries took place on 19-22 September 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia. 
170310_Tunis_March_2017 Modernising public procurement review mechanisms in Tunisia
[10/03/17] On 3-4 March 2017, two capacity-building workshops organised by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development took place in Tunis, Tunisia. The workshops focused on modern public procurement enforcement. more.
161215_Participants_of_the_Forum_in_Berlin «Moving Forward with E-Procurement» un forum sur les achats publics en ligne à Berlin (du 13 au 15 décembre 2016)
[15/12/2016] Un forum sur les achats publics en-ligne « eProcurement » organisé par la Banque Mondiale et la Banque Européenne pour la Reconstruction et le Développement a eu lieu à Berlin du 13 au 15 décembre 2016. more.
Moldova makes a significant step towards transparent and efficient electronic public procurement EBRD experts’ team undertook a mission to Cairo on 4-10 September 2016
Capacity building session for Egypt and Georgia held in Cyprus on 14-15 June 2016 Experts de la BERD à Tunis du 23 au 31 mai pour la BERD – CNUDCI (IMP)
Lancement du projets de coopération avec la HAICOP New public procurement review procedures for Egypt were discussed in Cairo on 6-7 April 2016
Réunion pour la révision de la MAPS de l'OCDE à Paris, 7-8 Mars 2016 EBRD consultants took a mission to Kiev to discuss the progress of the ProZorro project
Séminaire sur la réforme des marchés publics au Caire le 3 Février 2016 EBRD is launching a Guide to eProcurement reform: Are you ready for eProcurement?
Electronic Procurement Forum: Enhancing Public Spending held in Vienna Working together with the OECD for a new Methodology for Assessing Procurement Systems
National Seminar on the WTO GPA held in Dushanbe 8-9 December 2015 Decision regarding Moldova’s accession to the GPA was adopted by GPA Parties
EBRD LTP work presented at WTO Workshop on government procurement for CEE, CA, the Caucasus EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative held meetings to discuss draft amendments to Armenian PPL
EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative attended WTO GPA Symposium in Geneva 16-18 September 2015 EBRD consultants visited Kiev to discuss the progress of eProcurement project Prozorro
EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative team took a mission to Yerevan 29 -31 July of 2015 Capacity Building Session for Kyrgyz Republic and Ukraine held in Limassol, Cyprus 22-24 July 2015
EBRD GPA TC Facility presented at the “Public Procurement: Global Revolution VII” in Nottingham, UK on 15-16 June 2015 EBRD consultants’ work progress on the project: Policy Advice and Legislative Drafting for eProcurement reform in Ukraine
EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative participated in the 11th Public Procurement Knowledge Exchange Forum OSCE, EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative Regional Seminar, Vienna
EBRD is launching a Handbook for Members of Procurement Review Tribunals EBRD consultant undertook a mission to Kyrgyz Republic 11-15 May 2015
Eriks Mezalis, EBRD’s GPA TC facility project expert visited Armenia, Yerevan, 24-25 March 2015 EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative experts’ visit of Mongolia 30 March – 1 April 2015
EBRD’s Legal Panel ‘Are you ready for eProcurement?’ EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative experts’ mission to Dushanbe
EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative experts’ mission to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia: Developing Public Procurement Reform (video)
EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative experts’ mission to Bishkek Workshop on eProcurement reform in London
Workshop with public procurement officials in Ulaanbaatar Public Procurement Policy Workshop in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Workshop for Kyrgyz procurement officials Launch of the Law in transition Online
EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative Workshop in London The EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative Coordination Meeting
Reform of public procurement in transition economies and UNCITRAL Model Law: a permanent cycle. Expert opinion by Samira Musayeva. Workshop on international best practices in procurement in Bishkek
Public Procurement Policy Dialogue on enhancement of Public Procurement Law in Tajikistan Caroline Nicholas: Public procurement can be a vehicle for economic growth
Kyrgyz Republic Public Procurement Draft Law Review Session Public Procurement Policy Seminar in London
Georgia and Kyrgyzstan sharing experience in e-procurement implementation Interview with Steen Bruun-Nielsen
Workshop in Dushanbe Harmonising international procurement
Guide to Enactment Workshop in Baku
Interview with Professor Christopher Yukins The 2011 UNCITRAL Model Law
Interview with Public Procurement Expert Makar Ghambaryan Workshop in Chisinau
Interview with Public Procurement Expert Jorge Claro Workshop in Yerevan
Public Procurement in Armenia - situation in 2010 Expert Profile: Prof. Christopher Yukins
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