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Samira, national of Azerbaijan, is a licensed lawyer. Since September 2000, she has worked as a legal officer in the Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat. From that time until December 2003, while in the Codification Division of the Office, she practiced international public law and involved in the servicing of a number of international bodies dealing with the progressive development and codification of international law.

Currently she is with the International Trade Law Division of the Office (the UNCITRAL secretariat), working on various issues of international commercial law within the purview of UNCITRAL and servicing UNCITRAL and its working group in the area of public procurement. She is also dealing with the rules of procedure and other general aspects of UNCITRAL and issues arising out of relations of UNCITRAL with the United Nations General Assembly and other United Nations bodies, in particular in the context of the rule of law and the United Nations development agenda, including the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

Before joining the United Nations Secretariat, Ms. Musayeva worked as an associate lawyer with international law firm Baker & McKenzie specializing in general corporate, commercial and real estate law. She represented clients in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, primarily in "large-scale" privatization and concession projects in energy, telecommunication, construction and real estate sectors.

Ms Musayeva received diploma in law (international public and private law) with distinction from the Rasulzadeh Baku State University, Azerbaijan, in 1995, and LL.M. in Comparative Legal Studies with honor from the John Marshall Law School, Chicago, USA, in 1996.
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